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Call for papers CDDC 11-12

Call for papers CDDC 11-12

The Id of the Underworld vs the Superego of Heaven: Psychologically-Based Approaches

Psychoanalysis must “ conquer the whole field of mythology….We must also take hold of biography […][and] smuggle psychoanalysis into ethnopsychology”
(Sigmund Freud, Letter to Ludwig Binswanger, 1913)

         Founded in 2009, CONCORDIA DISCORS vs DISCORDIA CONCORS: Researches into Comparative Literature, Contrastive Linguistics, Cross-Cultural and Translation Strategies (CDDC)
( ) will celebrate in 2019 a decade since its birth, in addition to embarking on a new exciting phase, that of pre-teenage.
          As an added incentive, in 2019 we will be commemorating 80 years since Sigmund Freud reluctantly succumbed in London to his „dear neoplasm”, leaving behind, besides a priceless legacy – psychoanalysis: hooted or derided by his opponents, and worshipped by his disciples – , his formidable spirit, which nowadays looms larger than ever as „one of the profoundest [...] investigators into the obscure depths of the human souls” (cf Haverlock Ellis, The World of Dreams, 1911).
          With this conjunction of events in mind, and since, moreover, 10 is usually the age when children set out on their lifelong inward-looking ‚self-centered’ voyage, CDDC’s editorial team have decided to devote 2019’s issues 11 and 12 to psychology-oriented approaches to/in/on literature, language, translation, cultural and artistic studies.
          Submissions in English, French, German, Italian, Romanian and Spanish are being therefore warmly invited from fellow academics and researchers all over the world on topics related to psychology, the guiding concept of our major focus: The Id of the Underworld vs the Superego of Heaven: Psychologically-Based Approaches. Interviews and reviews of books/plays/films/musical performances/art exhibitions are also accepted, which need not relate to the topic at issue.
          As regards subtopics invited, since again, the province of psychology is as a rule taken to subsume fields as diverse as ethnopsychology, neurolinguistics, psychoanalysis, psychobiography, psychodrama,   psychohistory, psycholinguistics, psychonomics, psychopathology, psychophysics, a.s.f., the editors chose to refrain from applying any ill-advised constraints by making suggestions in this respect, so contributors can safely consider that „sky is the limit”,...provided they keep within the bounds of literature, language and linguistics, translation, the arts, as well as culture at large, and as long as they keep in mind Freud’s guiding motto
Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo (Virgil, Aeneid VII, 312),
translated by Freud as „if I cannot move heaven, I will stir up the underworld”.

Submission of abstract  :  1 November 2018
(via e-mail, to the addresses indicated under Contacts)
Notification of acceptance:  15 November 2018
Submission of contribution in extenso:  1 May 2019
(via e-mail, to the addresses indicated under Contacts)

¨  should be submitted in English and not exceed 150 words
¨  should include 5 keywords as well as a short Bionote, also in English (indicating author’s/s’ name, affiliation, academic/research areas of interest, etc), and e-mail address(es)
¨  should indicate section preferred (Comparative Literature, Contrastive Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Strategies, Translation Strategies and Cross-Artistic Approaches) and language of submitted manuscript (English, French, German, Italian, Romanian or Spanish).

Both Abstracts and Contributions in extenso  should be sent no later than the dates specified above to:

Gina Maciuca
Lavinia Ienceanu

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