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Call for papers CDDC 19-20/2023


Call for papers CDDC 19-20/2023

CDDC’s issues 19-20/2023 will be hosting a selection of contributions submitted for presentation at the Neuroaesthetics Conference on the theme: Universality of Aesthetic Experience in Individual Contexts, the CFP of which can be found posted further below.

Conference Call

            We invite submissions for papers on the theme: Universality of Aesthetic Experience in Individual Contexts. This special issue title intentionally suggests a broad scope, inviting reflection and debate on the interplay between biological universals involved in aesthetic perception and geographically and/or socially situated cultural contexts. The title also alludes to the empirical approach developed by the German experimental psychologist and philosopher, Theodor Fechner, in 1876: ‘aesthetics from below’ requires the study of a phenomenon using empirical and scientific analysis methods, whereas ‘aesthetics from above’ refers to the birds-eye view provided by philosophers and to the assessment of a phenomenon through deep introspection, offered by philosophers of art, as well as the artists themselves, through their work. We therefore aim to select a balanced set of papers that use quantitative methods (studying ‘aesthetics from below’), qualitative methods (studying ‘aesthetics from above’), or, indeed, combinations of both. Artists who wish to present work that links to neuroscience or psychological science are warmly invited to submit.

Please send your submissions to Tudor Balinisteanu,

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